Below are a few referrals. Enjoy them and please contact us with any questions you have. Its important to us that you feel comfortable in every way.

Cynthia Scarley

Quality Excellent *****

My husband has suffered for many years from a multitude of psychological disorders, including Agoraphobia with Panic Disorder, GAD, and Hypochondria. We have been searching for a way to treat these debilitating problems for a long time, and after exhausting more traditional methods like medication and psychotherapy, with no results, we turned to the option of hypnosis. I found NY Hypnosis on a google search and contacted Steve on my husband’s behalf. My first impression was a good one: Steve seemed genuinely interested in helping my husband and was very open with explaining what he does and how it works. We signed up for online sessions; Steve has been very understanding of our financial situation, allowing us to pay for one session at a time. After a few sessions I noticed a significant improvement in my husband. He was learning techniques with which to manage his anxieties, including meditation and self hypnosis. One session in particular resulted in a very successful and profound hypnosis which I believe got my husband on track to identifying the deep rooted cause of his issues. I want to note that anyone interested in hypnosis should be aware that it is not the process depicted in films, with a swinging pendulum and a man controlling your mind/actions. Don’t expect to be hypnotized this way. Also understand that hypnosis requires a dual effort, and you will need to learn and practice how to become hypnotized. I believe Steve is a genuine and intelligent individual who has a passion for his work helping others. I am very happy with the results so far and I consider it money well spent.


Michael Deschain

Quality Excellent  *****

After a decade of extremely debilitating anxieties such as Agoraphobia/Panic disorder, GAD, and hypochondria with no “real” improvement in my condition, I decided to try hypnosis. It was after exhausting all of the more conventional approaches like, CBT, medication, and just toughing it out that I contacted Steve at NY Hypnosis. During our first session (via Skype) Steve and I had a rather lengthy and highbrow discussion about metaphysics, reality and our connectivity….just to scratch the surface. Although, I’ve some interest in these areas, Steve has certainly done EXTENSIVE homework in these fields and many others that he applies to hypnosis. While some may not grasp the relevance of a two hour scientific discussion in relation to hypnosis, I believe it serves as a primer for a better understanding of oneself and what one SHOULD be looking to get out of their sessions. Hypnosis is not going to sleep only to have your thoughts altered for you. In my experience it is deeply rooted in meditation and your own desire to change. As mentioned before, I may have had a rudimentary understanding of some of these concepts prior to my sessions with Steve but, he has helped me better to understand them and also, given me invaluable tools that I can apply in my life henceforth. I am not “cured” but I am FAR better off than I was without Steve’s help. He is an intelligent, and genuinely concerned individual, who also has some tools that may help you, if you are willing to help yourself. I believe that if your choice is hypnosis versus psychiatrists and drugs, try this FIRST. Do not suppress your issues, find and confront them…


More Referrals (on other topics):

Dave Gronbach

Steve was able to hypnotize me over the phone, which helped me understand how to effectively deal with anxiety. I am in California and extremely skeptical by nature. The fact that Steve was able to work with me over the phone, and leave me with tools I can use to get through the rough patches in my day is a testament to his skill and professionalism.”



“Thank God for you Steve! My panic attacks were so out of control that I would need the TV on or a radio and a fan just to distract me from my thoughts especially at bed time. My heart was pounding in my chest all the time because of so many issues and stresses.  Steve not only hypnotized me to relax profoundly, he also taught me how he was doing it, so I could continue to help myself.  Steve’s hypnosis online is the real thing. Steve really cares about us.  He says he doesn’t do magic but it sure felt like magic to me.”

Kathy Murry

“Hypnotherapy online – IT WORKS! I have to admit, I wasn’t sure hypnosis would work over the internet, but IT WORKS GREAT. Steve asked me to close my eyes and started to relax me and get my imagination going and the next thing I knew I was very deeply in. Im gonna tell my friends and family about you Steve and thank you for making these services available to us!”



“My emotions are finally under control. I went for weight loss, but Steve was quick to realize my over eating was emotional eating. He has the greatest techniques for taking power of your life and emotions with hypnosis. He has to be a one of a kind hypnotist. I’ve just never read about or experienced anything quite like it.  Important emotions I ignored, I now nurture and emotions I ran from and dreaded I now embrace fearlessly. He told me I had to be in it to win it. I can see what he means now and I am in it to win it. I practice my self hypnosis exercises each morning and sometimes during the day as well. These meditations keep me focused on what is important in life. I feel like I know myself and care about myself like never before. I have lost weight already because there is no more hole in my heart. Thanks Steve!”



“In my first session with New York Hypnosis, Steve brought me back to a place of my youth, where I felt safe and profoundly relaxed. It was, for me, one of the most acute experiences I have ever had. The sessions have been honestly revealing and have allowed me contentment in my marriage that I never believed was achievable. I view my spouse with a deeper love than ever before. Thanks to these sessions with Steve, my wife and I have never felt closer. To say that Steve’s techniques have enriched my enjoyment of life would be a huge understatement. Steve is the ultimate professional and I look forward to continuing my emotional development through the sessions I have with New York Hypnosis.”


Kevin‎ Meyer

I hope all is well since we last spoke. I went on vacation with some friends this past week. It was great to get away but happy to be back. I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that even on vacation I practiced my exercises each morning. I would like to thank you for teaching me the skills of hypnosis. I use them every day now at least once to start my day, and whenever I need them to overcome a dark mental situation. Hypnosis has improved relationships in my life, especially the one with my girlfriend (Which was the main reason for coming to you). I have better thoughts toward my family and friends, and my anxiety has almost completely resided.( Which is the other reason to come to you). Even when meeting new people, for example on vacation, I feel like I’m passing on a positive energy which finds its way right back to me. I have found gratitude in the important things in my life, such as family and friends,as well as the small things, such as the couch in my living room and the flowers outside of my house. I feel as though I wear my feelings on my skin and not deep within me, which I don’t know how else to describe but a great feeling. If I ever need help with anything, or any of my friends need help, you will be the one who is called.



When I first spoke to Steve about hypnosis, I had a complete misunderstanding of what is actually was. I was expecting the whole pocket watch thing swinging in front of my eyes and zombies walking around and ax murderers. Not so. What I really like about Steve is his love for knowledge and expectation and resolve of success. He is always very interested in the details, but can always see the big picture. One thing to be aware of is that this is not magic. Depending on your situation, you need to be willing to spend the time and effort necessary to make a long-lasting change. It’s like a dance. It takes two. Steve will certainly do his part and will lead, but as I learned, I had to do mine. As a 100% prior skeptic, all I can say is that you have to just jump in and try it.


Kyle B.

When I first met Steve, I was struck by the fact that every time we talked, he was genuinely interested in what I had to say. We would talk about many things and his insights always helped me to gain a deeper understanding of myself that I have used each day since. If you have the chance to visit with him, I highly recommend it because you will find an intelligent, thoughtful and enthusiastic partner to help you find the answers you need. Steve seems so dedicated to learning and practicing his art.



I have had Great Successful experiences at New York Hypnosis. I have been to Steve multiple times for a variety of reasons, and each time I walked away highly satisfied. Whether it was to gain a way to maintain focus sitting through hours of nighttime nursing classes, or to relieve intense, debilitating pain in my back I ALWAYS walked away extremely satisfied. Each time I also walked away with techniques I can use to maintain the success of my meetings with Steve. Techniques that continue to work for me up to two years later. Steve is a man with much knowledge and skill in his field. His compassion and dedication is hard to come by. I highly recommend Steve at New York Hypnosis.


MaryLou Wright

I seriously dont know how anyone can give Steve a ‘One” Star. He has helped me in so many ways to deal with anxiety, stress and to better manage my day to day issues. He is not only compassionate and honest but it is more than obvious that he puts his heart into his work and his beliefs. I highly recommend him as he is one of the real ones. You WONT be disappointed….



I found Steve to be insightful and very helpful. His technique lead to understanding of underlying problems and ultimate resolution of them rather than glossing them over. His skillful use of combining hypnosis with conventional therapy was not only successful, but allowed me to avoid the use of anxiety reducing medications, which is important. I strongly recommend his services.



The Very Best Hypnotist I’ve Met in New York! Steve, at New York Hypnosis is a very rare high quality hypnotist. He understands the fine tunings of hypnosis like no other in the area and beyond. I have gone to over 30 hypnotists in the past 20 years. Most of them talk you to sleep with advice or imagery that never actually involves any hypnosis at all. Many of them involve some spiritual mumbo jumbo like dowsing rods and other psychic jargon which can not be verified as real while your money slips away. Steve only incorporates science and psychology and does this as a true artist like he says at his web site. He is the real deal. He uses very advanced techniques that are both golden oldies and brand new from the newest greats out there. I loved how he incorporated Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with me last time I saw him. He is amazing with anchors and suggestion. I would rather see him to relax then a massage therapist. I can really say I will be back many many more times. Good job at Steve at New York Hypnosis. I am sending all of my friends!


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