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Agoraphobia Hypnotherapy.
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Online Hypnotherapy Sessions for Agoraphobia

While there are many types of treatments in the realm of Psychological and Psycho-pharmaceutical treatments for agoraphobia you might want to try a more organic alternative like Hypnosis. Hypnosis for agoraphobia is really a fantastic choice because it is an excellent tool to gain control of anxieties and fears. Hypnosis, being a tool to alter reality allows the agoraphobic to access meditative tools which will give the agoraphobic the ability to control his or her reality. It has been observed that a panic attack or an onset of anxiety and agoraphobia are actually the same hypnotic patterns as a state of hypnosis. For instance to get a subject in a trance where they would feel good the hypnotist would have them picture a particular moment in time using all 5 senses. The hypnotist would have the subject see things in 1st person, up close, in color and in motion. All of these tools cause the imagination to gain speed in a reality shift. When the process is looped over and over and allowed to grow the subject, in the state of hypnosis, begins to experience a shift in reality. An agoraphobic episode can be described in a similar way. When a fear of illness sets in it is imagined in relationship to the senses. The agoraphobic imagines, to a massive degree, all the bad things that can cause them sickness accessing all senses and they imagine this up close, in 1st person, in color and in motion. They loop the thoughts over and over and with each looping the imagination creates a powerful altered reality shift. Not only is getting hypnosis helpful to increase relaxation, hypnosis is also great for reducing anxiety and panic attacks substantially which are at the root of agoraphobia. In addition to it being great to get hypnosis done to the agoraphobic subject, it is also important for the agoraphobic to learn how the hypnotic process works. In learning how hypnosis works on a conscious and subconscious level the agoraphobic becomes empowered tremendously. The agoraphobic patient will be able to see how they are initiating a hypnotic trance state in themselves. They can become aware of exactly how they are creating their dilemma, stop it or slow it down and reverse the process and create a state of relaxation, safety, harmony, stability and experience a self empowerment unlike any drug can offer. We have had clients who have tried every drug prescribed for agoraphobia and have spent years on end in therapy with little results. Our clients say that in less then 5 – 10 sessions online they have had more results then both drugs and psychotherapy has offered them over many years. We are not saying you should stop your psychotherapy or drugs prescribed by your doctors, but it makes complete sense that hypnosis for agoraphobia should be considered as a primary and paramount tool to gain control of the altered reality agoraphobia presents. This whole hypnosis process can happen in the safety of your home via video chat with fantastic results[6].

How Hypnotherapy Online Works

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